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At the beginning of our spiritual quest we are often lost,
scared and everything seems daunting . In particular , the spiritual growth and the process of spiritual awakening usually occurs sometimes through challenges and in a way we are being pushed into it . We begin to wonder Who am I ? What do I want ? Where am I going ? This is the beginning of awakening ...

The steps that follow are not necessarily easy , but well worth the effort. What happens is the inner revolution . One of the most important in life . We meet ourself , we begin to recognize our mission, that each of us has a right to live a quality life you deserve. We receive the gifts of the heart : happiness , prosperity, peace , love ... These are our rights we gained when we decided to be born. My favorite question is: Do I take responsibility for my life? Ask what belongs to you boldly and decisively , since the beginning of responibility towards ourselfs borns quite a new quality of life.The one of which we all dream , and we rarely decide to live ...

Responsibility for yourself may seem difficult at times ,but it gives birth to freedom, of deciding who and what I really want to become in this life . Every moment in life gives us a chance in its openness to change. Let it be your best version of yourself . Indeed we are like diamonds waiting to show off all their glow and brightness .

Discipline means to follow the voice of your Inner self, the Divine spark within, which is , in fact , your real "I am" , look inside, open your heart and let the love flow from the inside out .

Consciousness is awareness and inner knowledge . As consciousness expands and grows a person has more knowledge of who he really is. Love in its purest form . Happiness and peace are a state of mind arising from the soil of love . The secret of life is to find yourself , because when you find yourself you find love and light .

Lifetime learning often requires us that we look at social conventions , ideals and programs , as well as the habits and routine procedures that we unconsciously accepted and collected . Useful experiences often come through trial and self-discipline . The method of trial and error is one way of acquiring knowledge . Others may be self discipline . The beauty of our trip is constantly overcoming challenges and restoring ourselves to that innocence from whom wich we all descended .

You will understand that there are no limits except those which we impose on ourself. Let your Divine soul manifest in your life .

- Namaste -


"The birth of a new
Life is a challenge
as well as joy, frightening and liberating at the same time. Are you ready to leave old fears,
wrath and judgment? Are you willing to see yourself as unlimited creative being and responsible for what you create? "

"Do not believe something just because you read it somewhere, do not believe something just because someone said so. Find your own truth."