"We are living through one another and for one another. Alone we can accomplish so little. Together so much."

Helen Keller

"Wisdom is not gained from a textbook, but the flame of life must forge the human experience"

Morris Raphael Cohen







"Prayer has nothing to do with gaining. The point is in the concentration of the moment and having the capacity to observe the magical in the everyday life"

Larry Dossey
Đeraldina Lumezi

Bachelor Regressiontherapist with years of experience
Advanced Theta therapist
Bachelor intuitive life coach

Life and experience are the best teachers. Learning is a way of life. This is the earth stage where we came to experience what it's like to be "I". My inner life and richness that I carry inside led me to the fact that I share it with other people. I am infinitely grateful and blessed for that. Nothing in this universe is not by chance, everything is beautifully orchestrated and conducted only if we as a part of the universe open our spiritual eyes and look at the beauty in ourself and others ...
I was born in Zagreb , and I am creative artist and lover of life and creation . From an early age I was "different " , I felt the energy of people and I was always interested in the spiritual realms .

I absorbed the emotions of people around me, and felt their pain on my skin , but it took me a while to understand what was happening.Empathic as I was I could so empathize with someone's feelings that I literally felt pain in a certain part of the body, that was my indicator what troubled the person .

Nature has always been my second home , moments of solitude were my great inspiration and conecting me to my spirit.. I loved reading spiritual literature , and so it has remained to this day. Reading is one of my passions in life. Personally, I believe in self-education through reading , writing , research , seminars .I think there will be a time when this system of education that forces us to learn unnecessary data through indoctrination and brainwashing finishes. Then we will learn from the right side of the brain . We will be free to research.To be researchers .

Intuitively I pulled away the veil of the third dimension , and was experiencing my life through a different lens. The path led me further and further , through education for a Theta therapist , Past life regression therapy,Intuitive life choaching and various seminars for spiritual development , workshops , breathing techniques , meditation and personal spiritual experiences with teachers of all kinds.

But what was always the most important for me was my awareness of the unbreakable link with with my inner God , Light, Grace or whatever you want to call it, because ultimately we are one with that beauty inside of us.We need to accept the fact that we are never alone in this path.We have all the help we need.Angels,archangels,spiritual guides,ascended masters,that is how important we are.

I'm here on earth to share that love , light, and experience with you, so that together we try to co-create something beautiful for all of us . Because once you realize that we are ONE and that whatever we do to ourselves at the same time we do to others. We are one in the ocean of consciousness , that fact awakens in us a new power to create a better world .

If I can shed a single ray of light into somebodys life, if my vision if I can help a single soul to see more clearly and perceive life in a new way,my mission will be done. If I can teach that God and heaven are close , if I can spread the light , hope and joy, help to remove the curse of mental blindness and so bless everyone I meet, my mission will be fulfilled.

But still this change starts from us ..