"The current experience of life becomes much more comprehensive, more intense and more realistic when I look at death as part of life, not something to be afraid of or something to deny. Live in love and do not worry about it. Love is the release of fear."

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Past life regression therapy

If you've always wondered why you are afraid of heights, water , you have a variety of fears and phobias , or if you look at a complete strangers eyes and you feel that you know them,past life therapy might do wonders for you.If you are attracted to certain places , and you have not ever been there, you cuuld get an answer on a journey through your past lives .

Regression is completely safe , relaxing technique in wich you experience a journey into your past lives .

The topic of past lives is controversial for many people since we do not remember consciously our past lives.

Everything we've ever experienced , heard , smelled , touched , tasted , seen,surely is stored in our subconscious mind , as in this life and so from all our previous lives.Our conscious mind filters out all this information because if we would consciously receive all the information our limited five senses could not funcion and would be overwhelmed. Through regression, we have the possibility of remembering and entering into a past life experience and conect with it.

Our analytical mind always tries to analyze everything , control , rationalize , and often all you need to do is just the opposite , not analyze but experience , not control but allow any feeling to take place , and not rationalize but let the emotions be indicators of our current situation .

The therapeutic value of the regression is great and it would be wonderful if the official psychiatry reached more often for this valuable technique .

Through regression is possible to heal the the mind,body, and the soul and become aware of many conections between past lives and this one.
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