"Mankind is possessed by the eternal quest for that-something else - that will, he hopes, bring happiness, complete and eternal. For those who have sought and found God, the search is over: He's something else."

Paramahansa Yogananda
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"When love which is in you meets the love that is in me, we step forward together in peace and harmony."

Sue Daniels



Awaken your reality
Theta Healing is a meditative healing technique that works on all levels of the human being . It uses the theta brain waves of low frequency that can be reached in deep meditation . Through Theta Healing you can change any situation in life .
Theta waves are very slow 4-7 hertz and lead to a state of deep relaxation , allowing us to operate below the level of the conscious mind.The waves contain memories and feelings , and also govern our attitudes,behaviours and store our beliefs.

Subconscious beliefs are the filter through which we look at the world and reality . If any situation does not fullfil our expectations we tend to get angry , frustrated , unsuccessful ...

Theta Healing takes us on a journey of change, change of subconscious patterns,and as we bring the light of awareness into the "the problem",the ishue dissapears, and we can achieve peace, happiness and success .

Our brain works like a biological super computer , there is information and he responds to it . How we react to the experience depends on the information that is in the mind and how it is received and interpreted . When the body, mind and soul accept beliefs as real, it becomes a " program " . Many people live with hidden programs that are there since childhood , floating in the subconscious mind and waiting for an opportunity to emerge into reality . They sabotage themselves constantly, live their lives thinking they are powerless to change anything .

Through Theta Healing we learn that nothing is fixed and that we are beings who can continually modify and change everything including our own beliefs .

Theta Healing is not affiliated with any religion , and yet unites them all . It does not matter whether you are old, young , healthy , sick , what sex you are or religion . It is important that you believe that there is something bigger and greater in this universe, and that includes the feeling that everything can change , create and uncreate at any moment . For some of us this energy is called God , some Shiva , Jehovah , Allah , Buddha , Christ, the Master , the Creator.A healed person is a truly happy and a joyful person who lives his life freely and knowingly .

When we work on emotions in a theta state , the root causes are discovered , transformed and removed . After a therapy session a person feels liberated and restored . The theta technique connects us with our true nature , which is unconditional divine love .
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