"For a Big spirit is everywhere; hear everything in our minds and hearts, he does not need to play out loud.In the silence of the heart - stand still"

Black Deer
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Course of therapy


Theta therapy is performed in a comfortable relaxing atmosphere of complete trust between the therapist and the client.
- Introductory talk and presentation of clients issues which he wants to adress..

-The therapist enters the theta state of mind and the client as well.

- " Digging " subconscious programs and change them.

- Work on the feelings and beliefs we hold

- Analysis and a final discussion with the client

A theta therapist
in meditation goes to the Creator of all that is
( Hence the mind begins to radiate theta waves ) and the unconditional love of the Creator sees the mind and body of the client. During therapy , which is usually done in a sitting position, the client holds their intention (what needs to change in his life ) . The therapist then leads the conversation to the knowledge of the client's feelings or beliefs that are causing the problem . The theory about the cause can be checked on the physical level by implementing muscle testing .

The therapy  session lasts 90 minutes , usually it takes a couple of treatments in order to feel complete well-being , but it is possible to make immediate improvements , it depends from person to person , and of course about the challenges they face.